About Woody

Woody Klemmer headshot
Before I cut my hair.

ghana chloroquine resistance I was 14 years old when I had the audacious idea to build the first online “Walmart of Home Services” (to all you younger folks – ‘apps’ didn’t exist back then). That bright summer day, sitting lazily by the pool, was the beginning of a 15-year journey that has felt like an eternity. From WAK Jobs to GladlyDo to Laborocity – through broken relationships, failed drug tests, tragic deaths, and police encounters – from moving back in with my parents to driving Uber to selling my company – I can confidently say I’ve seen some shit.

The purpose of these stories will not be to give advice or instruction, thought I will do that from time to time, but rather share my personal experience in hopes that anyone reading this will take something from it, even if it’s as small as a simple grin. I will likely Tarantino you and jump between past, present, and future, so try to keep up. 

Thank you for reading – hope you enjoy.